Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a range of our most frequently asked questions...

What size do your rolls of tape come in?

Our preglued melamine and thin veneers come in either 50 metre or 100 metre rolls, our thick veneers come in 50 metre rolls only due to the size and weight of the material

We can meter down our materials to custom roll sizes for you at small charge. Our unglued material is avaliable in larger roll sizes, please contact us here for details.

Can I have a sample?



We have melamine finger samples and swatches available showing our full range of decors, without glue. These are approximatle 10cm in length.

Veneer, being a natural product is subject to changes in colour due to the effects of light over time, especially in its unfinished state. As a result we do not provide swatches of veneers. There is a danger that a sample swatch, after being in circulation for a couple of years will be taken as a representation of what we can supply from stock, while some of the fingers on it will have faded considerably.

We will supply finger samples of particular veneers on request.

If your looking to match to something specific, please send us a sample to the following address; Unit 1 Budlake Units, Budlake Road, Marsh Barton, Exeter, EX2 9PY.  As it's very hard to match to a photograph.

Can you supply us with a bespoke colour that is not in your standard range?

We can source almost any colour or pattern you might need. Where the pattern you want is not available there is the possibility of having a special match made. Special matches will be subject to minimum quantities. Please give us a call on 01392 217635 or contact us.


What sizes do you keep in stock?

The UK standard for melamine is 22mm wide for use with an 18mm board. We keep all our range of decors in 22mm as standard, we also keep a range of 35mm and 48mm wide in our most popular decors.

We are able to custom slit from as little as 100m in length if you are looking for something in particular, please let us know.

How do I know what type of edging to use?

If your not sure which product to order please contact us here or telephone us on 01392 217635 and we will be pleased to help you, we speak to lots od different customers every day.  We are happy to recieve samples to match too or send out some samples for you to match too. 

Do I need any special tools to apply your edging tape?

No, lots of our small users us glue and clamps. Then to tidy up they use a knife to trimm the edges. There are lots of tools avalilbe to help you, including an edgbanding trimmer or you may which to look at a hand held edgebanding tool if you will be using a lot of edging. 

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